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Multiplication Blocks

Multiplication Blocks is on sale in April for the end of the school year! This engaging and addictive games will keep your children (or students) working on their math skills as their thoughts turn to summer and playing outside. The app is also perfect for practicing before big tests, too!

Designed to increase multiplication speed and accuracy for kids, Multiplication Blocks is an engaging and addictive game to build math skills.

Simply tap on connected digit blocks to form the product that matches the falling target block. Think quickly, or the time will run out!

The Practice Mode feature allows players to focus on specific fact families.


Multiplication Blocks is aligned to Common Core Standards for Math, specifically (3.OA.4, 5, 7; 5.OA.5). Additionally, math fluency (speed and accuracy) is a constant theme throughout the standards.

Multiplication Iphone Multiplication Iphone

Multiplication 12x12 fun

How do you memorize multiplication tables? Regardless of how you do it, it can't be too difficult if you have "Multiplication 12x12 Fun" in your hands. The "Multiplication 12x12 Fun" shows you each question and its answer, one after another. This rhythm based pattern has been tested to be effective in memorizing many tables in the short time. It is fun and simple. Yet extraordinarily effective. It has every methods you can think of it in. You name it, it has it. Best of all, it has three great games to help you memorize the multiplication tables.

Multiplication Iphone Multiplication Iphone

Multiplication Quest

By defeating the enemy with a sword, this is a game app that can be used to learn the multiplication. From among the three answers, because only answer to choose, you can play easily. You can master the multiplication while you defeat the monster that appears in sequence. Come on, let's starting to Multiplication Quest.

Multiplication Iphone Multiplication Iphone