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Times Table Football

Learn Times Tables while you play sport!

A fun way to learn your times tables - combine playing football with learning!

This is the Free game with the following features:

Times Tables Iphone Times Tables Ihpone

Times Table Lab

At PyroMedia we know one truth: Kids don't realize how much they are learning when they are having fun. Times Table Lab is a perfect way for kids to learn their times tables.

The game works like this:

This is a great way for kids to learn their times tables because instead of rote learning they get to factor back to the times table from the answer - with many numbers that have multiple factors they also learn the relationship between them.

And it's fun.

Times Tables Iphone Times Tables Ihpone

Times Table Match

Great new Free Addictive game to teach kids Math Times Tables!

This new app is simple and easy to use and helps your kids learn times tables.

Flip cards to amtch the formula with the answer!

The best tool for learning times tables!

Challenge kids to beat their time!

In the first 3 years of school, students need time to play with and develop their understanding of the concepts of multiplication and division. How do they work? What do they look like? Where in the real world do we use these processes?

Students learn their tables at their own pace and it is important to make learning times tables fun, challenging and rewarding. Playing memory is addictive and fun and helps your child gain confidence in their own math ability without feeling under pressure.


Times Tables Iphone Times Tables Ihpone