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How to learn times tables?


Tips & Tricks


Hang a poster with the 12x12 or 10x10 table on the wall.

Tricks for Times nine

Hold both your hands in front of you. Count as many fingers as the number by which you multiply nine, starting from the left. Bend that finger. The number of fingers to the left of the bent finger will be the first digit of the answer, and the number of fingers to the right of it will be the second digit of the answer.

Multiplication games

Multiplication tables games and apps allow users to practice their multiplication tables having fun in playful environments, reinforcing the knowledge and skills associated with the multiplication table.

Times tables apps for Iphone

Galaxy Multiplication Tables Game

This game lets you aim for a high score as you click on the planet with the right number. In the meantime funny monsters help you raise your score or number of remaining lives that are represented as astronauts. The game guides you through all the times tables multiplications and shows statistics about your success.

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Visual Multiplication Table

This app teaches the tables through a visual of colorful dots arranged in different ways for different times tables. There are four levels. In the tables section, tapping on the empty space of the equation makes the array of dots configure. There are groups and a solve section, too.

Multiplying Acorns HD - Tasty Math Facts

The screen shows a calculator. Tap on a number and a squirrel will come with that number of acorns. Tap a second number and the squirrel will place those acorns in the number of groups and leave the screen. Users can count the acorns and type the answer or hit the equals button to pick from three numbers. If the answer is correct, a coin will be deposited in the coin slot.

Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication

Fun colorful app for ages 5-10 that allows children to be math heroes. They must rescue the Squeebles from the Nasty Maths Monster by solving multiplication problems. Contains four game modes to make it easy to find a suitable challenge.

Tap Times Tables

This is a configurable app so your child can play at many levels. Kids practice their times tables with an animated squirrel in different scenes. There is a challenge mode and a playing mode.

More Times tables Apps for Iphone

Times tables apps for Android

Times Tables Trainer

Allows you to choose which times tables you wish to practice. Times tables flash cards. Kids get a star bonus as reward.

Times Tables

Allows you to choose which times tables you wish to practice. Try to get a perfect score in the lowest time.

Multiplication table

You can choose the size of the multiplication table for study (9x9 or 12x12). Display of progress. Languages: English, Russian

More Times tables Apps for Android

Times tables Online Games

Multiplication worksheets

free, printable multiplication worksheets, randomly generated, for grades 3-5 multiplication topics, including skip-counting, multiplication tables, missing factors, multiplication algorithm (long multiplication), and factoring.

Explore the multiplication table

Click a number on the left, then a number on the top, then the = sign. You will see the problem as a rectangle.

Multiplication: An Adventure in Number Sense

Learning about Multiples

An interactive animation illustrating multiples. Type a number between 0 and 9 into the grey box and watch the eggs multiply to show the first 6 multiples of the number you enter.

Skip Counting

Learning to "Skip Count" helps you to learn your multiplication tables.

"Skip Counting" is counting by a number that is not 1.

Example: You Skip Count by 2 like this:

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, ...

Skip Counting by 3s to 90

Fill in the missing numbers in the grid and count by threes.

Skip Count Advanced

Choose the number to skip count by and then hit the fruit with the correct number.

Counting Game

Finish filling the number line before the time runs out.

More Times tables Online Games

Learning multiplication table Videos (YouTube)

2 Time Table | Multiplication Game Fun | Test & Answers

3 Times Table Multiplication Game Fun - Answers & then test yourself!

3 Times Tables - Learn The Fun Way!

Magic Math for 7's Multiplication, Learning the Times Table

Times tables songs (YouTube)

Multiplication Song to Learn Multiplication Tables (1 to 10)

Times tables song 1-12

The Multiplying Multiplication Song

Multiplication and Division Songs